Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yo ho, yo ho, it's a pirate's life for me...

Last week, we took a vacation down the Cape at Nana and Rene's new beach house. We were prepared for a vacation filled with wet, gray, rainy weather. But it turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous week. During the weekends Nana and Rene came down, which is always fun for everyone. One of the days, during Sammy's nap, we took the girls to Pirate's Cove mini golf. They loved it, and were surprisingly good at golfing for their first trip out.

Lily takes a shot at hitting the ball. Her favorite part of the course was the holes that lead the ball to different parts of the golf course.

For the most part, Lily would hit the ball with her club, and then "lead" it into the hole- by dropping it in with her hand.

Dad, Charlotte and Lily watching the cannons "shoot" out of the pirate ship. Put Put has come a long way since Sam and I were kids.

It was pretty crowded, so we had to wait for our turn at some of the holes. Sam challenged the girls to a silly face contest. They came up with some pretty good ones. Unfortunately, I was not speedy enough with the camera to catch them all.

Charlotte took mini golfing pretty serious, and tried really hard. She had quite a few good shots with many ending up in the hole. Dad helped Charlotte hold the club correctly, and learn how to aim for the ball. It was so funny to watch as she walked around still holding on to the club, so as not to loose the proper grip.

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