Saturday, June 26, 2010

June: Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking Fun!

Yummy, sweet local strawberries.

Friday, June 25, 2010

June in Review: Messy Party

To kick off summer vacation each year, our local MOMS club has a huge Messy Party for all of the kids. It was our turn to host this year. There were tons of kids, and lots to do. Here Sammy and some of his friends decorate cookies with all of the toppings. Sammy spent most of his day here at this table.

Charlotte and a friend explore some squishy Oobleck.

The big bunch of girls mix up some flour, shaving cream, cornstarch, a little grass..... to make a super fun, sticky concoction.

A little painting for Charlotte.

Sand box full of flour. OOOH the kids were sticky like glue when we washed this stuff off of them.

Covering the slide to make a super fast and messy ride. The messy party is one of those get togethers that the kids look forward to every year. This year, like each of the past 5 was amazingly fun for the kids and moms!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tea Party

Do you ever have one of those simple, sweet, wonderful days? This post is about one of those days, which happened about two months ago, that I hope will stay in my mind for a long time.

It all started as a visit to a thrift store. We dropped some donations, and poked into the store to have a look around. Almost immediately, Lily came across this little tea pot. "Please Mom, can't we get it?" Lily asks me in her sweetest little girl voice. "It is so pretty, and you and I could go home and have a real tea party," she says in a quite but excited voice. My initial thought is that a glass tea pot is bound to be broken into a million pieces by one of the little hands in this house. But, this little girl is allllmost fiiiiive, as she likes to remind us. So a little responsibility was in order.
So, home we went with the little flowered teapot, and a few tea cups, too. Lily knew that Charlotte would like to have a cup, so she picked a few from the store to go along with the pot. The thrift store was the perfect place to pick this stuff up. It was so much fun for her to browse through all of the delicate china~ gold and silver rims, painted flowers, little animals. So much to choose from.
Once home, and Sammy safely down for a nap, Lily and I unwrapped the set and got to work washing up. I gave her a bin of soapy water and a wash cloth, and she scrubbed that set until it was squeaky clean.
Then a rinse with clean water. She loved scooping and pouring the water over her fingers.

Next she used a cloth to dry them off.

And finally... The tea party begins.

We started with water, and had a few cups of that.

Then Lily thought that it might be good to have some actual tea for our party. She wasn't thrilled with the tea, so we moved onto juice.
Lily was an exceptional tea party hostess. "Would you like more?" she asked over and over, in order to pour that little tea pot again. I am not sure that I have ever drank more liquids in a two hour span before. We were super hydrated for the rest of the day!

Of course, a few cookies were in order for such a special tea party. "How about the fancy plates?" I suggest, and immediately feel insane for suggesting that my four year old use our china plates. But, "OOOH," she jumps in little hops and claps her hands, so it clear that it is too late to change my mind. But, this was special, and she knew it, and cared for all of it perfectly.
A lovely little moment in that I must record, because in the busyness of life, these days can be so easily forgotten.

Ladybug Girl

There have been lots of fun activities in conjunction with Literacy Month at Charlotte's school. On this day, the children were asked to dress up as a character from a book. Charlotte chose the story Ladybug girl by David Soman and Jacky Davis. It is a story about a little girl who discovers all sorts of backyard wonders of nature.
Since then, Charlotte has been transforming into Ladybug Girl most days. It has brought a smile to many peoples faces, because who can resist a sweet little girl bouncing along in a pair of wiggly antennaes and floppy wings.

Opening Day

Charlotte and Lily have taken up softball and wiffleball this season. Here they are at the big opening day bash.

Aren't they sweet in their uniforms?

Dad, riding the train with the kiddos.

Getting ready for team pictures. Sam is an assistant coach for Charlotte's team, which has been fun for both of them.

Auntie's Bridal Shower

Auntie Heather and Greg are getting married in a few weeks! Everyone is thrilled and can't wait for the big day. The children have enjoyed all of the pre-wedding celebration and activities.

Gifts for the couple

Some of the Guests

Great Grammie Elizabeth and Gram

Friend, Kristin and the Guest of Honor

Friends Sue and Deb, with Nana in the middle

Michalea, Lucy, Auntie Carolyn and Great Grammie Sousa

Some game time fun!

Favors. Aren't they pretty?

Congratulations Heather and Greg. Here is wishing you a lovely wedding and life together!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Things I love about my girls...

My girls... they love fancy dresses and swamps. I think what I love most about these two things is that while they love a pretty dress, they take no issue with scaling trees or tromping through a swamp while wearing them. I LOVE THAT!

They certainly aren't the types to shy away from a snake or frog eggs and we couldn't be happier with that. Although I must note that at times you can find me at the washer cursing the laundry :)

Charlotte's photo of skunk cabbage. She immediately noticed the vibrant green and wanted to photograph it. She has a good eye for color, doesn't she? They really are a good looking plant, if you can get past the smell.

Forget the playground, these fallen trees were the ultimate climber!

At the top

This swamp is swimming with life. As you walk down to it, there is a bit of dark forest, and as the woods clear away to swamp, the bright green of the swamp fills with sunlight. It is really a beautiful place. One more reason we love visits to Western MA.