Friday, June 25, 2010

June in Review: Messy Party

To kick off summer vacation each year, our local MOMS club has a huge Messy Party for all of the kids. It was our turn to host this year. There were tons of kids, and lots to do. Here Sammy and some of his friends decorate cookies with all of the toppings. Sammy spent most of his day here at this table.

Charlotte and a friend explore some squishy Oobleck.

The big bunch of girls mix up some flour, shaving cream, cornstarch, a little grass..... to make a super fun, sticky concoction.

A little painting for Charlotte.

Sand box full of flour. OOOH the kids were sticky like glue when we washed this stuff off of them.

Covering the slide to make a super fast and messy ride. The messy party is one of those get togethers that the kids look forward to every year. This year, like each of the past 5 was amazingly fun for the kids and moms!

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