Friday, October 9, 2009


A couple of weeks ago we decided to take the kids up to the Ecotarium to check out what it was like. It was a really fun museum, with lots of relevant science activities indoor and out.

Can you spot the Bald Eagle in the right side of the photo? Charlotte loves eagles, so she was pretty excited.

After looking at a few animal exhibits, we headed into the museum. Here, Charlotte and Dad are looking through a microscope.

They were amazed at how this ball was suspended in air.

Charlotte, my dare devil, puts her hand into a tornado!

The girls fed the plants with their breath in this terrarium. As you can see, there are holes in the bottom, where the children can pop their heads up and look around.

After some inside fun, the kids really wanted to get outside and explore!

Everyone really enjoyed being inside the giant bubbles.

Next, we went on a train tour of the park.
My two handsome guys riding together on the train.

The Girls

There was a great playground that everyone enjoyed. Here Charlotte is climbing a rope ladder.

Lily on the twirling slide

Sammy gives the slide a go
It was a really fun place to go. It was a huge museum, and we spent all day there. We saw lots of animals in nice habitats, and even a polar bear!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Little Rascal

Look at how pleased Sammy is with himself...Picture this...We run out to get some orange juice for playgroup, and decide to pick up some donut holes as a special treat for the bigger kids. We walk in the door, and I throw the munchkins down on the table. I head to the fridge to put away the juice and take out a quick bread to put on the counter. All the while, Sammy has swipped the box off of the edge of the table and booked to the living room, with out me noticing. I close the fridge and hear a muffled laugh in the living room. I walk in to find Sammy on the floor. Munchkins mashed into the rug and his hair and his clothes...and his mouth. He sure was happy to finally get his hands on this treat.

Lily and her playgroup friends before we headed off to school. It was red day.


The girls started gymnastics classes recently and they love it.
Charlotte did backward rolls down this mat. But her favorite, she says, is the uneven bars. (Sorry for the blur...I was taking picture through a window in the waiting room)

Here is Lily before we went to class. She said that she loves the trampoline.

Visit from Auntie Kris

Auntie Kris was down from Vermont and stopped by for a visit. It was a day full of hugs and lots of doggy kisses from Kris' puppy Ruby.

Kris surprised me with a homemade lemon blueberry pound cake. It was so delicious!