Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Little Rascal

Look at how pleased Sammy is with himself...Picture this...We run out to get some orange juice for playgroup, and decide to pick up some donut holes as a special treat for the bigger kids. We walk in the door, and I throw the munchkins down on the table. I head to the fridge to put away the juice and take out a quick bread to put on the counter. All the while, Sammy has swipped the box off of the edge of the table and booked to the living room, with out me noticing. I close the fridge and hear a muffled laugh in the living room. I walk in to find Sammy on the floor. Munchkins mashed into the rug and his hair and his clothes...and his mouth. He sure was happy to finally get his hands on this treat.

Lily and her playgroup friends before we headed off to school. It was red day.

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