Thursday, February 18, 2010

Full of Love

Hope your Valentine's Day was full of love...
Last week, our house was a flurry of Valentine's crafts and activities.
Lily creating valentines for the ones that she loves

Some of her sweetest cards

With 24 classmates, I thought that the novelty of homemade cards would wear off after a while. But, Charlotte loved every minute of it.

My favorite Valentine that Charlotte made. It is a picture of clothes hanging in her closet. Can you see the hangers? I would have kept this if I could. It is just so... Charlotte.

Some other favorites
We made some window pane cookies to go along with the lovely cards.
This year, I was set to have the girls buy pre-made valentines. The thought of making nearly 40 cards between the two, just seemed like too much. But then Lily started them all on her own, and Charlotte reminded me of how special homemade gifts are. So, really, how could I resist. Once again, I am glad that I listened to them. It was fun and they loved creating for others. Just the perfect valentine for a mama~kind and thoughtful kids.


This year, Charlotte became a Daisy Girl Scout, and it has been really great for her. The meetings are filled with art and crafts, nature, and friends. Really, what activity suits Charlotte better? Oh, and the cookies, well, everyone likes the cookies.

On a snowy Saturday, Charlotte and I headed out, to collect her troop's cookie order.

It was very well run. We arrived at the site, and there was a tractor trailer filled with boxes, and people to unload them.

So very many cookies. Hundreds of boxes!

Charlotte and a friend from her troop load up the car. What cookie fun!

Friday, February 5, 2010

cream of asparagus soup

We have been cooking our way through the Moosewood Cookbook, lately. Of course, Lily likes to help.
For this soup, which happened to be delicious, Lily cut the tips off of 2 lbs of asparagus.

The whole time she was cutting, she kept on saying. "This is great Mama, isn't this so fun?" I think that she was happy to get her hands on those kitchen shears.

Giant Tree

While out in Western MA, we needed to stop by and visit this tree. It dates back to the Civil War, and is gigantic!

It was magnificent!

butterfly place

A couple of weeks ago, we all needed a little break from these long, cold winter days. We needed something warm and tropical.

No...we didn't go to a Caribbean Island. We went to the next best thing~The Butterfly Place. Oh, it was warm, and felt bright, and did I mention that it was warm? Really, it was heaven.

We all agreed that these flowers must be Trufflas from the book The Lorax, by Dr. Suess.

Look at those pink cheeks. It was downright balmy in there.

Nana and Lily

Charlotte got to hold a butterfly.

gingerbread sing-a-long

The day before Christmas vacation, Lily was suppose to have a special sing-a-long at her school. It was canceled due to snow, and Lily was totally bummed. When her teachers rescheduled it, she couldn't wait~ a night time event at school is so exciting! Singing with her classmates

building a gingerbread house

crafting a lovely gingerbread girl

Happy Paintings

Lily loves to paint. These photos make me happy!

on being neighborly

Lily noticed our neighbor's recycling had blown over on a windy and chilly day. She ran right outside to clean it up stating that "Poor Lisa, will be sad to have to pick up all of that when she gets home tonight!" Sweet girl!

peanut butter banana scones

We are working to find tasty and healthy things to have for lunch. We decided to try making peanut butter banana scones.

Lily is talking on the banana phone.

Of course we need to sample
the ingredients to make sure that they are top quality.


A small glass makes a surprisingly perfect scone cutter. Of course it is sweeter when it is in the hand of one of my sweeties.

Of course, I really liked these. The kids, well, found the flavor a bit bland. But, you know, that is kinda the way that scones are.

So, the search continues for something good to put in the lunch box!

Sesame Street Live

A couple of weeks ago we took a trip up to the DCU Center in Worcester to see Sesame Street Live. This was our third year in a row.


Elmo and friends on stage

Lily's favorite, Abby Cadabby

A little cotton candy at intermission. For the past two years, Charlotte has missed the show. She has never been a big fan of Sesame Street. We brought her home some cotton candy, and that made missing the show no big deal.

We were seated on the floor, so we got close
to many of the characters.
Lily even got a little pat on the head from Grover.