Friday, July 10, 2009

Playground Fun!

A few days before we went on vacation, we spent the day at an awesome park in the town next to us. There is so much to do there, you can spend all day and still have more to do. The playground is situated on top of a hill, with a variety of activities positioned on each of the slopes.

The playground area was fun for everyone. Sammy was so happy to participate in some of the fun. Look at what a pro Lily is wrapping her arms around Sammy while she rocked the T-Rex.

The climbing area has plenty of challenging equipment for the girls. They slept well after this visit!

Charlotte and Sammy had a blast together at the swings. As Sammy would swing towards her, Charlotte would make silly faces or do a little dance, and Sammy laughed a big belly laugh while kicking his legs like crazy.

This kid loves a good thrill!
On the way down the hill, there is a long tube slide that the girls loved! I was surprised that they were so daring to try it. It is really tall. Here is Lily at the platform where the slide begins.

Here she is at the end. It is so long and fast, it gives a decent sized weggie at the end. We got a good laugh over that one!

A little further on, there is a beautiful butterfly garden filled with all sorts of fragrant flowers. I thought that this pretty butterfly bench would be the perfect spot for a picture of the kids all together. As you can see, Lily just wasn't into it. And when Lily doesn't want to do something, no amount of coaxing will get her to change her mind.

Charlotte and Lily are getting ready to make a wish in a wishing well. Wonder what they wished? Lily- her birthday. (We have been to alot of birthday parties lately, and it has been hard for the girls to wait for theirs). Charlotte- pet turtle.

There is a small petting zoo at the park, as well. For the most part, this area is the bleak part of the trip. Generally, I think that looking at and feeding animals through chain link fences is a pretty sad state of affairs.
But the kids can't resist those fuzzy horse noses and giant tongues.

While we were walking back up to the car, we ran into a little brook with this unicorn statue next to it. The girls love unicorns, so they were thrilled!

Charlotte found a butterfly bush in bloom and couldn't resist its' sweet smell. We have been enjoying all of the fun of summer vacation.

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