Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sammy!

Today was Sammy's first birthday!Sammy spend his special day enjoying all of the one on one attention from Mom and Dad, a rarity for a third born. Charlotte and Lily are out visiting with Nana, so it was a win- win for everyone!

Sammy's first birthday "cupcake."

(Don't worry, the candle isn't lit!!!)

Sammy gave it his best shot to fit the whole cupcake into his mouth!

He seemed pretty pleased with the frosting made out of cream cheese on top of a zucchini muffin.

Who doesn't love to see a baby smear cake all over himself? Too cute!

Happy 1st Birthday!


  1. Happy first birthday, Sammy! We can't wait to help you celebrate (along with your sisters' birthdays) next weekend!

  2. Happy Birthday Sammy! We miss you!!