Friday, July 24, 2009

Vacation visit

While we were down on the Cape, Uncle Doug and his family was vacationing at Bay Berry. We spent a couple of days visiting them. The kids loved all of the extra attention. And we enjoyed spending time with such a happy and loving family.
Aunt Renee taught Lily to play scrabble.

Doug and Dougie hanging with Sammy

Uncle Doug loves babies. Sammy practically fell asleep right on Doug's lap.

We spent most of our vacation at the beach. It was the first string of sunny days in weeks. We felt so lucky to have nice weather.

It turns out that Sammy is pretty fearless in the water. He crawls straight for the wave, and laughs as the water splashes into his face.

Lily likes to chase the waves

Charlotte has been swimming in much deeper water, and lifting her feet off of the ground to swim. Sometimes she gets a mouth full of water.

Dougie and Jaqui dug a big hole in the sand for the girls to play in. They had fun jump and sliding in. This entertained them for a long time.

Dougie and Jaqui flying a kite with Charlotte. Who knew you could fly a kite using a fishing rod?

Before we came to visit, Dougie and Jaqui wrote and composed a song especially for the girls. They loved hearing it and were singing it for days after.

They also let the girls try strumming the guitar.

Here is the sweet song:
Lily and Charlotte by Dougie and Jaqui
Lily and Charlotte playing on the beach
Lily and Charlotte with a pail and shovel each
Lily and Charlotte
Lily and Charlotte climbing on the rocks
Lily and Charlotte hear a seagull squawk
Lily and Charlotte
Lily and Charlotte have a little brother
Baby Sammy is like no other
Lily and Charlotte
Lily and Charlotte at Cape Cod
Lily and Charlotte smile and nod
Lily and Charlotte
Lily and Charlotte are so cool
Lily and Charlotte, Baby Sammy, too
Lily and Charlotte

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