Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lily is 4!

Lily had a great fourth birthday! She started her day with a strawberry frosted donut, with a candle, in bed. The night before her birthday, she confessed that she didn't really like cupcakes, so we surprised her with a donut. She was thrilled.

Birthday Gifts
Lily requested a unicorn, which was easy to grant. But she also gave me a five minute, extremely detailed, description of the life sized "strawberry tree house" that she was hoping for. This girl dreams BIG. Charlotte found her a Strawberry Shortcake house that she though might be suitable. Lily loved it, and the girls played with it all morning.

Lily decided that it would be fun to go to the Easton Children's Museum on her birthday. Here they are doing a science experiment with water, oil and food coloring with one of the museum volunteers.

Lily in the firehouse fort

Charlotte couldn't wait to get to the woodworking room, her favorite part of the museum.

Lily is a natural fisherwoman. Here she is pulling up a basket of lobsters and crabs. Eat your heart out Rene.

Sammy enjoyed admiring that adorable baby in the mirror.

One of the favorite areas of the museum is the face painting area. The girls spent some serious time doing themselves up.

Lily's finished masterpiece. Notice Sammy in the background checking himself out with a cowboy hat on.

After some indoor fun, we went out to the amazing museum park. It is wonderful park full of natural structures and activities. Here is Sammy the paleontologist. He takes his work very seriously. In this area, the children use brushes and tools to reveal " fossils" buried beneath the sand.

Lily uses garden tools in the sand table.

After a fun day at the museum, Lily decided that she wanted to go to Friendly's for her birthday dinner. Yummy Monster Sundae!

Lily and Dad at dinner.

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