Sunday, August 9, 2009

Even More Birthday Party Fun!

Cake and Ice Cream

After some pizza for lunch, it was time to sing "Happy Birthday" to the guests of honor. Charlotte and Lily blowing out the candles

Callie, Lauren and Lily dig in to some cupcakes and ice cream

Partying is exhausting!

Little Sammy was so tired from all of the excitement, that he slept through most of his first birthday party.

Friends and Family

Charlotte, Isabella, and Sarah

Grandma, Gram, and Great Grammie Elizabeth

Sammy's buddy Jack

Little Ellie on the swing

Charlotte and Grandad

Birthday Gifts

The children received so many thoughtful gifts.

Charlotte gets ready to open some of her birthday presents

Lily was very excited to open up some birthday presents. After all, her birthday wasn't until Monday.

Sammy woke up in time to open up some presents in front of an adoring crowd.

Thanks to all that were able to share this special day with our family. The day was great!

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