Thursday, August 6, 2009

Charlotte's Golden Birthday

Today Charlotte started her special "golden birthday" with a cupcake in bed! A fun tradition that we did when she was four and continued this year.

Charlotte opened her birthday gift to find two books on how to care for a pet turtle. She was very excited when she found out that she is going to pick out a turtle as her sixth birthday present.

During the day, Charlotte chose to go to Chucky Cheese. Isabella, Sienna, and Elijah met us there for the fun.

Sienna and Lily eating pizza.

Sammy driving the truck.

Elijah on the tractor.

Charlotte and Isabella

There were tons of games that the kids could play. They loved it. Here they are picking out the prizes with the tickets that they won.

We took Charlotte out for dinner for her favorite "cheesy pasta." During the day, Charlotte whispered in my ear "I think that this is the best birthday ever!"

It really was a great birthday!
(Thanks to Liz, who taught us about "golden birthdays." Charlotte turned 6 on the 6th. A once in a life time event.)

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