Monday, November 23, 2009

Fall Fun

In the past few weeks we have taken some great trips. Here is a mishmash of some of the things that we have been doing.

Our town recently opened a biscotti bakery and store. Here is Lily and her buddy Callie checking out some of the ingredients. Lily is surprised to see the massive hunks of butter that go into each batch of cookies.

Here is Sammy out exploring the first snow of the season. He was so curious about how it crunched under his feet. I wish that I were video taping this so you could hear he and Lily's squeals of delight. Seriously...snow in October.

On a beautiful warm day, we took a trip to a fall festival with Nana and Rene. Here are Sam and the girls taking a Carousel ride.

The girls really like this moose, which happened to be with the fire department. We weren't exactly sure what the moose/fire dept. connection was, but the girls enjoyed him anyway.

Sammy and Nana

On another day, we took a nature walk at our local Audubon sanctuary. It was a special visit that was focused on salamanders. Now, every time we are in the woods, Lily flips over rocks and logs to look for salamanders. There is one in the bowl that she is looking at.

Here is a goofy picture of the girls with our indoor cherry tomato plant. Late in the summer, Lily planted some tomato seeds in Nana's sand box, and surprising to all, it actually grew. Once the weather got too cool, Nana transplanted it and sent it home with us. This is our third year of having tomatoes in the kitchen through the winter. Lily has taken complete ownership of this one and waters and cares for it. The strangest part about it is that there are quite a few earth worms living in the pot. When she waters it, they come up to the top. It is a little creepy, but it makes her happy.

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